Sandpoint Cathedral Comments and Ideas wanted ;-)


  • Inspired by the cathedral of Pathfinders Sandpoint, I designed this map. Unlike in Pathfinder, however, the cathedral in my world is a temple of the sea god (right side).

    In the lower part of the temple the Inquisition works against the dark forces.

    And on the left side there is the memorial of the to the antagonist of the sea god. The Lady of the Deep Sea. Here I still miss a statue with a female human upper body and an octupus lower body.

    The center is a much older building that is supposed to contain unexplained mysteries. So the center is not yet the final version. I am still looking for a stone ancient dimensional portal that stands upright and does not lie on the ground ;-)

    I think I'd like to make the tapered walls with an inward curve that would work well for statues. However, I still lack the right idea how I can process the wall with a CC3+ tool suitably, so it looks more or less like the „A"- Corners

    Feel welcome to give me some hints, ideas or assets ;-)

    Like I said I´m pretty new in CC3+ and had already a lot of struggles and help frome Community so I like to share what I have so far ;-)

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 16 images Mapmaker ProFantasy

    I don't have any inspiration for you right now, but you've made a really good map there :)

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