CC3+ keeps crashing

I just installed CC3+ on a new PC (Windows 10 Home 64 bit) and it crashes every time I select Open or when I select new and go through the options and select finish. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this? Thanks!


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    Here is a brief troubleshooting checklist:

    • Before you install the software switch off any AV you may have running, and make sure you are online.
    • Make sure all your installers are fresh, and haven't been sitting in your download folder for several months or years, and install the core app first (CC3+) by right clicking the installer and picking Run as administrator.
    • Close CC3+ and then run the installers for any add ons you have, and finally install the latest update.
    • Never install any part of the software with the app still open, but allow the app to open itself at the end of each installation as it is set to do by default, then close it even if you mean to use it straight away. Reopen it for use.
    • Don't forget to turn your AV back on at the end of the process.

    If you have done everything this way and you are still having trouble you might have a corrupted installer, which can happen sometimes over slow connections. So it might be worth re-downloading the installers and running them again in repair mode.

    Those are all the things I can think that might have gone wrong, so if you are still in trouble it would be time to contact Tech Support through your account page.

  • Also try opening a different map by clicking on that map's fcw file, not Open in C3+. There might be some corruption in the map that is currently in CC3+. The software loads the last map edited.

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