Where does CC3 store assets?


Hello all. its been a while since I used CC3 and Im having a brain fart moment. Im trying to load up a different tileset. I used to be able to do this easily. two problems 1: I cant remember how(maybe). 2: Where are all the tilesets stored on the computer? I might be doing it right but by default cc3 is looking in the wrong place and I dont know where to browse to when opening a new tileset.


  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 23 images Mapmaker ProFantasy

    If you are talking about bitmap textures to be used as polygon fills you need to use "Import bitmap fill styles" in the Tools menu. Click the Browse... button and locate the right folder, then double click one of the png files. In this example I have set a scale for the imported fills. The settings are otherwise default.

    The path for bitmap fills is:


  • MuttleyMuttley Newcomer

    Im on about placing buildings down.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 23 images Mapmaker ProFantasy

    Oh, right. My mistake.

    If you just want to browse around by hand and find stuff you hit the folder button at the top right of the symbols panel and start looking in the Symbols folder here:


    Try to remember to open the FSC file rather than the folder with the pngs in it, because then you have all the random collections and varicolour symbols.

  • MuttleyMuttley Newcomer


    Thanks for that. I've done it plenty of times. Its just the program got lost and I couldn't remember where.

    Back in business now

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