Fractal Tool, Crashing, and yet Another Hassle



  • CalibreCalibre Traveler

    Hey, Remy

    I did import JR style map. I have one set up just for that purpose. I guess it didn't take? hmmmmmm

    I had no idea Spec Ovrlnd had it's own palette. Sorry.

    The only action I took, IIRC, was to create a new fractal drawing tool and I used the forest fill. Instantly, the mountain fill was also replaced with the forest fill and then, later, launching all map drawing tools, ALL fills were replaced with the forest fill. I will verify I chose it from JR style; I'm suspecting I chose it from a style I didn't load into my map 😥

    As for that weird command, it just started happening out of idea if it was due to my actions or something else.



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