Cannot uninstall, repair, or install CC3+

Hi everyone, first time posting but I'm having an issue that I haven't seen fixed anywhere.

My drive address changed from E: to D: so all of my shortcuts etc. don't work. That was fine as I was doing clearing up and uninstalling to then do a fresh install. I tried to uninstall all the smaller parts and addons etc. but to no avail as the drive doesn't work. I went int HKEY etc. to manually remove them adn even installed multiple uninstaller programs to brute force it out. None of these have f ixed the problem, so now I have a bunch of paths to a drive that doesn't exists, with no data or anything of the programs on my computer AND I can't do a fresh install because the wizard wants to repair or remove the files instead of doing a fresh install.

Does anyone have any advice or ways to solve this, or do I need an admin with some behind the scenes skills or something to help with this?


  • Change the drive address back to what it used to be.

  • WizardOfFrobozzWizardOfFrobozz Newcomer
    edited February 10

    Try the SUBST command to map the (non-existent) E: drive back to your D: drive, e.g,

    SUBST E: D:\

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