How to select, copy and paste multiple sheet objects?

I'm attempting to select a doorway and passage (with all the floor, wall, torch objects, etc.) from part of Map 1 and copy & paste it to a second CC3+ map so that I can continue the dungeon map.

I see the Copy and Paste commands in the Edit menu, but how do I select a collection of sheet objects, then copy and paste to another map?


  • Press Copy (or Crtl_C), then select whatever you want to select. The bottom line will then ask from where - I choose 0,0, to get it in exactly the same place in the new map, or at a strategic point where I can click it onto the new map.

    Open your new map. Click Paste, or Crtl V, and then either accept 0,0. or click on the point where you want that point you picked in the first ma, to be in your second map.

  • RobertFRobertF Newcomer

    Super, thank you Quenten!

    I see where I got confused. I didn't know I had already copied the target dungeon passage into the clipboard until I clicked Ctrl V on the new map and the ghost image of the copied objects appears.

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