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Hi, Trying to draw in perspectives. I see a diagram that says to change it to a 2D version to make it easier, by clicking on the Change Grid button then to selecting 5' rectangular grid. I do not have that option.


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    Is it at the bottom of the list? There's a scroll bar on that box. It only took me several months to notice it was there myself ;)

  • is it this?

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    I think you might have more luck if you try one of the 5' grids above those two isometric ones. If there isn't a ready made one we can make one ourselves. It's not too difficult. We just need to know the dimensions and the number of snapping points.

    But try those 5' grids first.

  • I tried those, did not work

  • As for making one, I am just playing around, 200 x150 or 150X200 or a little bigger

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    I'm not entirely sure I know how useful it will be to have a regular 2D grid on a Perspectives map, but here goes.

    Open the Select Grid System dialog like before and click the New... button. That will open a new dialog asking you what kind of grid you want to make. Pick the 2D rectangular (since that is the type you wanted), and click continue.

    Give your new grid a name in the dialog box that appears and set the parameters you want.

    Then click OK so that you are back at the first dialog. Make sure all the checkboxes except Ortho are checked and then OK. That should give you the kind of grid you would get in an ordinary top view dungeon map.

    Adjustments to the grid might include 2 or 5 snapping points instead of just one. You can change things by editing the grid you have just made.

  • So the tutorial from Annual 2019 says to do it as it makes mapping easy to change back and forth. I have made one Perspective map, and I fought it all the way,

    So when I saw this tutorial, I thought I would try it. Thanks

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    You're welcome :)

  • Still does not work as they say :-(

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    What are you trying to do here? Using a 2D grid on a perspectives template is usually only done when you want to temporarily draw a 2D floorplan which you intend to 3D Project .

    If this is what you intend to do, what is the problem you are experiencing?

  • Cartographer Annual 2019 Mapping Guide Ancient Tombs part 2

    Introduction Welcome to the August issue of the Cartographer's Annual 2019 with the second part of the Ancient Tombs series. In this part, we have a new perspective dungeon style to create 3D dungeons similar to the famous ancient Egyptian tombs. New fill styles and hundreds of symbols will help you create such perspective dungeons in a few minutes. This issue is split into three guides. The first one is about 2D dungeons. This second part show you how to create quick isometric dungeons and the third part will show some advanced techniques to make stunning isometric dungeons at a cost: time! Starting the Map I start out as usual, using the New drawing wizard. Choose the map type Perspective and the option Pick a pre-defined Template. Select an Annual Ancient Tombs file, for example the Annual Ancient Tombs 200’x160’ file. Save your new map. 

    II Dungeon Floors There are two ways of creating the floors for this style. 1. Floors with drawing tools Click on the Drawing tools button and select the kind of floor you’d like. 2 Draw the floor shape using the grid settings with dots every 5’ and following the isometric left and right directions, counting the grid dots. 2. Floors as the Projection of a 2D layout Drawing in perspective mode can be challenging. There is an easier way, slightly longer, by drawing a 2D map and projecting the result in perspective. First change the grid setting to a 2D version by clicking the Change grid button and selecting a 5' rectangular grid. Click on the Drawing tools button and change the style to Annual Ancient Tombs, Dungeon. Use the floor tools to create your layout. It doesn’t really matter where on your map you draw it.

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    Ok, so you are taking the tutorial's option of creating a 2D floorplan first which you can 3D project. And you have selected/created a 5' rectangular grid as described by Sue.

    In what way isn't this working? Are you unable to draw a 2D-representaion of your dungeon? Or do you have any other problems?

  • Based on what they say I go to here but had no 5' option

    This is what it says

    The person about said make one, and we did, But this does not work when going 2d to perspective

    Nothing they say in the Tutorial works

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    I'm not sure which part you are stuck with.

    Maybe a screen shot of the map in it's current state might help?

  • Doing all of this

    I have not drawn anything because what this says, does not work. I cannot change from 3d to d2 to 3d, or even 2d to 3d (perspective)

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    It is very difficult to help with a map that hasn't yet been started. But I remembered a couple of Live Mapping videos done by Ralf Schemmann not so long ago that cover all the different aspects of how to make the two different views available in this style.

    I hope they help.

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    I am sorry, but I really need your help in understanding what doesn't work for you. Posting the instructions doesn't really help me understand that, neither does a comment that nothing works. Without knowing exactly what goes wrong for you, I don't know what to say to point you in the right direction.

    According to those instructions, after selecting (or creating) that 5' rectangular grid, the next step is to bring up the drawing tool window, select the 2d style - "Annual Ancient Tombs, Dungeon" and then use those tools to draw a 2D plan of your dungeon. What is going wrong here? Can't you find the drawing tool window? Doesn't the tools behave as expected when trying to draw something. Doesn't things look like expected? If so, what did you expect things to look like?

    I suggest looking through the videos Sue posted above first though, they cover exactly that style and may give you loads of useful advice.

  • I'm not certain if that unqualified "5' Grid" label in the Annual issue's PDF Mapping Guide may not be a mistake, as looking at the sample FCW file map with that issue, there are only two five-foot grids in it, "5' Grid, 2 Snap" and "5' Grid, 5 Snap".

    It doesn't really matter however, as BOTH are basic 2D rectangular grids, and that's actually all you need for drawing 2D maps. The snap setting just mean the snap points in the grid will be either every 2.5 feet (2 Snap) or every 1 foot (5 Snap).

    The 10' Grid, 2 Snap is also a rectangular grid for 2D work, with snap points every 5 feet.

    This will let you draw a plan-view = 2D vertical of your dungeon layout, and following the next part of the Mapping Guide will help you convert your 2D floorplans into 3D isometric forms.

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