How would you go about creating a stack effect?

From a previous thread on here, I learned how to create a cut wood effect where it looks like layers are cut out and descending. I am curious as how to reverse that and make it look ascending?

For example, suppose you are making a dungeon and want there to be a climbable looking rock in the center of say 4 layers. What effects would you use on each layer to make it look like it is going up instead of down?


  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 23 images Mapmaker ProFantasy

    I would do it by adding a series of new sheets - one for each step of the stack, and adding a lighted bevel effect to each sheet.

    You might have to add a backing sheet between each one if you are intending to use the same texture for each layer. That's an identical copy of the polygon in a different solid colour immediately beneath each level. It prevents something called transparency acne from happening.

  • Hmmm... I have made a descending hole by making smaller and smaller areas of darker and darker grays.

    Say, bmp 20 gray, which is 20% transparent. Then for a deeper hole add 40% on top of that.

    So my guess, I've never done this before... would be a 60 bmp, then on top of that put a 30 bmp and on top of that a 10 bmp.

    Those are in the bitmap fill styles.

    Not sure what effects would work, maybe Inner Glow ?

  • The style I am using just happens to have beveled walls. I tried just stacking them on different layers and that seemed to work. It uses two glows and a bevel wall. The only odd thing is the bottom layer. It seems cut in due to the shadows while all of the other sheets give the appeaarence of going up. I think it is probably due to the background. In any case, for this map having the bottom layer depressed instead of going up works for what I need.

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