Scale and exporting from Fractal Terrians


I have not used this software in over fifteen years and have just recently returned to the newer versions. So, effectively I am starting over learning how to do things.

I have created the world I wish on FT but when I exported the section I wish to use into CC3+ it seems to have expanded the section to a map of the entire world.

How would I rescale the section down to the map size I wish to work with?

Thank you, kindly.


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator

    The map exported from FT3 should be in the correct scale already.

    The scale bar may be wrong, that's a known bug. Try to measure the actual distance with the Info -> Distance tool.

    Also note that map projection can also affect scale. FT3 exports the map using the current map projection. Depending on the projection, areas nearer to the poles may be distorted/enlarged (like Greenland in the real world). If this is the issue, try using another projection in FT3 when you export.

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