My First Dungeon! :D

Just finished my first dungeon map, so happy with it, thanks to all for the help I've received its really appreciated, what do you think? Its a cultist lair dedicated to the worship of the demon lord Balor through human sacrifice! :D

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  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator

    Looking good. I would perhaps have looked into adding a bit more decorations/furnishings, but otherwise a nice piece of work.

  • I would have added more but the CC3 map style option doesn't seem to have much more I can use, is it possible to add more decoration/furnishing options?


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator

    If you just use the basic CC3 Dungeon, yea, it doesn't contain too much. It is more of a preview of what you get when buying DD3, while still allowing you to make simple dungeons.

    If you have the full version of DD3, there should be a lot of symbols, but it needs to be started from the DD3 dungeon template. You should be able to access the DD3 symbols from the current map (assuming you own it) by simply hitting the DD3 button, and then using the various symbol catalog buttons in the top toolbar.

    You'll also find a lot of symbols among the free resources. I especially recommend you download the free annual sampler, as it is easy to install and contain several new styles.

    And then it is the paid stuff, like the symbol sets and annuals. Notice that everything is basically a new style, so it varies how well things fit together, some stuff work very well across styles, other things less so.

  • I'm not sure if its the basic version or not, I did buy it but it was in the Humble Bundle last December.


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator

    You'll easily see if you have DD3 installed by creating a new map in the dungeon type, and see if you have the DD3 dungeon available (as opposed to just CC3 Dungeon).

    If you don't have that template, it means you have forgotten to download and install the DD3 setup. It is a separate installer from the main CC3 one. It was included in the Humble Bundle (if you got the top tier), so you should own it.

  • yup I have it, sorry if I seem a bit dense I'm not a very computer savvy person


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