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hi all,

i just bought the cc3+ top three bundle. the cc3+ part installed but when trying to install the update, i ran into a little hickup. the update file says i have no installed version of cc3+ even when i navigate trough win10 file-explorer to where i installed it (programfiles x86) i get the same error. causing the installation to keep giving me the same error.

ive installed the software and booted it to make sure it works (booted just fine) but still no cigar.

ive tried installing the patch on severall other locations just for kicks but to no avail.

please help me



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  • MedjajMedjaj Newcomer
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    it seems i was able to fix it myself,

    to those wanting to know: iver completely deleted and de-installed evrything i could find regarding cc3+ and then reinstalled it on s special created folder o the c-drive with elevated rights. the update now installs corecctly aswell as all other plugins

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