Will trace work best with this ? png import to new map

I have a png of a large continent. And a fcw file I have imported it to. I have been using the polygon tool to draw each elevation.

Unfortunately I have sometimes started on one contour, and wound up on a higher elevation contour.

Zooming in doesn't seem to make a difference all of the time.

Is there a way to not have to do this manually ?

Would trace wrk if I got rid of the symbols, grid, and text ? Or do I need to do that ?

Here are two jpgs; one of the map so far, and one of the original imported file.

and here is a jpg export of the fcw.



  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator

    Trace can't handle multiple contours lines like thay, it is designed for a single outline.

    I guess you can use an image editor to extract each contour level to their own file, and then trace them individually, but that would be quite a bit of work.

  • Okay. I'll just continue doing the polygon method mentioned.

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