[WIP] Community Atlas Competition entry: Dungeon of Ice and Fire

After thinking a lot about what to do and not having a lot of time to do so, I started sketching on paper while at work.

I knew I wanted to do aa glacier with something volcanic below. It took about 15 ideas until I settled on a map in 5 parts.

1: The glaciercave

2: A sumberged tunnel to a cave within the mountainside

3: The cave in the mountain

4: The manmade temple/hideout adjacent to a slowly growing lake of lava.

5: An outside vierw of the glacier entrance

Lets see if I can actually do this...

This is the sketch:

That ist how "far" I've gotten so far. I decided to use SS4 for this, but the central part will most likely be done with polygons and effects, maybe inspired by the watercolor style.



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