How to Scale Terrain?

I think this is a bug, but just in case, I thought I would ask. This seems to only apply to the Annual Landform Map, which is why I think it is a bug.

When I use the terrain for autofil (forests, fields, desert, etc.) and draw the polygon it is too small. I tried changing the width and things were always the same. After some research, it seems I need to change the default symbol size. When I pull up the drawing properties, the default symbol scale was not checked. I clicked the box and things are still the same. I went back and change the size, and things still look the same. at did nothing.

However, when I use Mike Shelly Inks and change the default symbol size it does change the size.

On the Annual Landform, I did further testing. I tried just using the individual symbol for a mountain. I placed one. I then went and clicked the default symbol scale and altered it. The mountain was still the same size. When I right click, it list the mountain scale as 1. If I change the value either by typing it in, or using control, then I can get a bigger size.

So my assumption is that there is some bug with the default scale size not working with the Annual. But just in case I am wrong or someone knows a way to fix it, I thought I would ask.


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator
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    The terrain tools for this map doesn't use symbol fill, but rather hatch styles. These have a fixed scale. This is discussed on page 2 for the mapping guide for that annual issue.

    The only way of changing scale for these fills is either scaling things after they have been drawn (not very practical when you try to make the area fit something) or by editing the hatch style fills themselves. These are regular CC3+ drawings, and lives in the @Hatch Styles folder. Obviously, you shouldn't edit the originals, but rather create a copy and then edit that. You can then make copies of the drawing tools that utilizes your copy of the fills.

  • If I copy and then edit the hatch files, how do I go about scaling them? How do I determine what size they should be?

    I may just end up using the symbols individually because I can scale those. I just wanted to use the farming plots. There does not appear to be indivdiual symbols for those. Maybe a couple of other ones.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator

    The hatch files are just regular CC3+ map file, so you scale the entities using the regular commands like Scale. To figure out how much to scale them, you just can try scaling the placed fills in your map first, figure out how much is needed for the desired size.

  • Thanks. That has worked. It does not look as nice as I was hoping, but maybe playing around with it some more will help.

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