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So i just created my first map and im trying to edit and move the map title i typed in. i click on edit properties and select the text, change the font style but it does nothing. i am redrawing after all these actions also. what am i missing here?

also im trying to move it. using edit properties i made sure i was on the right sheeet and layer and then i click on the move button but i get an error. according to the manual i should be clicking move then the entity (the map title in this case) and then be able to move it. what am i missing here?


  • Do a list on it to find out which layer it is on. Make sure that layer is thawed.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator

    Another thing when it comes to text, make sure to pick a font available on your computer. The first list shown in the Text Properties dialog are fonts defined in your map, and may include a font you don't have (Click 'More fonts' to access the list of fonts on your computer). If you pick a font you don't have, CC3+ will render a replacement font, usually Arial, which could result in no visible change if the font was already rendering using Arial.

    Also, you said you used edit properties to check sheet/layer. Be aware that the values listed here are NOT the current properties of the entity picked, but rather the currently set properties (as seen on the status bar) used when creating new entities. Change Properties/Edit Properties is not a way of checking an entity, you need to use List as Jim said to do that.

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