Littlehowe - a Fantasy Town

Here is my offering in the new Par Lindstrom style, Fantasy Town.

I love it - especially the way the fields automatically perform a Shaded Polygon (Angle by Edge) and Editshading. That is a tool I will use in my own city catalogue.

And I love the bitmaps for the fields and forests. Thanks so much, Par.

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  • Oh gosh, i love this.

  • RalfRalf 🖼️ 16 images Mapmaker Administrator, ProFantasy

    Hm... the tree fill seems to be a bit distorted. Did you change the scaling? If yes, be aware that the underlying bitmap is not square, but has a x:y ration of 7.5:4.

    Otherwise, great work!

  • Yes, I did, but I might have made the asymmetry not quite correct - though I did note it was asymmetric - thanks for the correct ratio.

  • Nice work @Quenten. That is a great map in such a short time!

  • Really nice map as usual @Quenten!  Happy New Year! :smiley:

    I've enjoyed Pär's previews for this style and it's great to see somebody post a map using the new style so quickly. I've not even had chance to download this month's Annual issue myself. :blush:

    I love the watermill - and the windmill (I think?) to the northwest.
  • I wanted to include as many symbols that Par had made as possible, but I did leave out the arena. The 2 Inns are really fantastic, as well as the windmills and watermill.

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