Question about combining Token Treasury with Character Designer 3

I was thinking about taking some of my character portraits and turning them into tokens. Has there been a tutorial about how to do this? I am experimenting with it now. Also how would I take the monster tokens from the treasury and add them to say a Fantasy Grounds asset space where the tokens would work as tokens?


  • The way I was doing it was to open a token map in CC3+ and then switch to CD3 and use those assets to create the character right in the token treasury map and then cut off the parts of the character that laid outside the token border but I'm not sure how that would be turned into a token I could use on a vtt.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator

    To turn your CA-tokens it into a token for VTT use, you just need to save just the token itself to a png file using the rectangular section save file type. You'll also need to use an external image editor on the image afterwards to turn the background transparent (unles you are using square tokens that is), since CC3+ can't export images with transparent backgrounds.

  • @kevbeck43 I use this webpage to create VTT tokens:

    Token Stamp 2 - RollAdvantage

  • taustinoctaustinoc Traveler
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    Token Stamp seems to be pretty popular. For offline use, there's also token Toll ( from the guys who make MapTool.

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