Ambush Cave

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This is a little ambush battlemap I am using to do some encounter testing for various systems. The crates on the elevated area to the east provide hiding places to ambush from a prone position with crossbows or magic against characters coming in from the north or south entrances to the cavern. Also there are two little nooks on the west side of the map both north and south where assailants can lie in wait. I might even use the pool of water in the middle as ambush cover for an underwater ambush.

The arrows indicate slopes that characters can charge up to engage the elevated ambushers. I put the arrows on the Gamemaster only layer so I can remove them easily when I need to.

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    A comment on why the stalagtites are in the water. They normally form from moisture coming down from the cave ceiling and building up sediment from the ground up. They are also usually located near areas of high moisture such as the stream in this cave. The stalagtites offer anyone using them as cover 50% concealment (I believe a +2 to AC in 5e).

  • There are whole cave systems full of both stalactites and stalagmites that have since been drowned, so I wasn't worried about them being in the water at all.

  • Stalactites hold tight to the ceiling.

    Stalagmites are on the floor.

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  • I'm including this image as they all go together in the package I am building. The first map leads to the cave entrance and the second map is the cave entrance.

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