The 'NoDucks' version 3

Entrance from the side this time. Yes, the background is not stone or water, but I like it. Rather preliminary map. Yes, two chickens. One inside a large cage guarded by skeletons. First two rooms.

900 pixel jog.



  • Updated map.

    Room 1) chicken in a cage, green glowing chicken. Guarded by 3 skeletons, and an ogre around the corner.

    Room 2) a green glowing chicken, in a room with 3 chests. It is mostly hidden behind a broken table. Must be larger than a typical chicken then.

    Room 12) treasure chest on a stone pedestal. Something is in the water.

    900 pixel jpg. 2000 pixel jpg in gallery.

  • Okay, I'll bite: Why the chickens? ;-)

  • My players complained about the same monsters over and over at low levels.

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    And those roosters can get territorial and decide to take you out! The up side though, is that part of the spoils of battle can also contribute to dinner.

    Geese are another good choice for guarding sensitive areas, and they sound more vicious.
  • Of course, they could be illusions and are actually something else.

  • jslaytonjslayton Mapmaker Moderator, ProFantasy
  • I have seen a few videos on youtube of geese attacking.

  • The obvious answer is to make one or more really a cockatrice:

    [Image from this Monster Fandom Wiki page.]

    And use the illusion idea to disguise the fact until someone examines the "right" one closely enough - oops...

  • Well, my remaining players are my sisters. I already know they don't like the cockatrice. So... no go with that. I could make them mimics though. They dislike those, but less.

    Dopplegangers are right out.

  • You could always have the chickens disguised as cockatrices though 😉

  • I can tell none of you have been subjected to my sisters' 'Raised eyebrow and glare of fury'. I have seen big tough guys apologize and run from that.

  • jslaytonjslayton Mapmaker Moderator, ProFantasy

    A good suggestion that I was given a long time ago to spice things up for experienced players with low-level characters was to take a standard critter reference and them a new name and appearance. For example, there might well be a species of largish, bright purple land cephalopods call kyzles that are completely indistinguishable from kobolds as far as combat rules and societal organization goes.

  • 2 months later
  • I temporarily changed the background sas i found I had labeled one room as 3 and 5. So I changed the background, and added a few rooms.

    Stone golems, or they are illusions. And/or the treasure containers are also illusions, or not. rooms 4 and 18.

    The room with a barrels all by itself, number 3. My home players, after one instance, started checking behind barrels for secret doors.

    Room 15: Well, they also decided patterns of barrels are suspicious. So the big blank area between the barrels on the right side of this room could mean there is a secret door there. But this time, there isn't. yes, two corridors have numbers as they could have hidden put traps in them.

    room 12, a treasure chest, lock turned away from the entering characters, sitting on a stone block, or is it ?

    Not finished, but making progress.

    900 pixel jpg, 2000 in my gallery.

  • Jim, why is it called No Duck? (please don't let it be that there are no ducks there 😉 )

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    There is a rpg where opposable thumb ducks exist, and they can be player characters.

    These dungeons have no ducks.

    Oh, and there are 3 of these dungeons. I accidentally left the word dungeon off the subject for this one.

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    Why not call it the No Chooks Dungeon, or are there chooks there?

    I think the ducks you mention are from RuneQuest, and world of Glorantha

  • Yes, Runequest. No idea what a chook might be.

  • Oh, that must be an Australianism. Chooks are hens and roosters

  • Oh, we just called them chickens and roosters, or a flock, when I was growing up. I never heard of Chooks before. Thanks.

  • Chick = chook, sort of

  • IIRC Once upon at time there was a dungeon whose only exit has half way up a mountain. When the adventurers arrived there, one asked "How do we get down off a mountain?" to which another replied "You don't get down off a mountain. You get down off a duck. And there are no ducks!Ba Dum Bump!
  • I think "chook" originated with some dialects of English. "Chuck" is a term of endearment still used in parts of northern England, for instance, which derives from the same source, as a variant on "chick" as an abbreviation for "chicken", or from "chick" as being a young chicken. Online sources seem to cover only the modern Australian option as in-use still, however.

    And here was me thinking "duck down" was an urgent warning...

  • Well, it is.

  • 1 month later
  • Here we are back at the Less_kpl background, with size 10, instead of size 7, numbers. Added some secret secret rooms and secret passageways.

    Probably just add these three 'No Ducks' dungeons to my web site. And continue on with The Craig dungeons that got their start from these.

    900 pixel jpg, 2000 in gallery.

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