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Just to show a map I am working on for a future Shadowrun game with my friends.

I will work more on the floors, the main open space is still empty, and it lacks a lot of security stuff. Some symbols are not scaled correctly yet. I also would like to make a "night" version of the map with minimum point lightning (I have to learn how to do that...)

I use mainly the Modern add-on and Cosmographer DeckPlan symbols.

The pitch of the map :

"When employees of "ORION, the Medical Big Data company" learned that they were acquired by EVO, they were quite happy, especially those with stock options. When they learned that they were to move into a high-security building of the AAA Corp to protect the precious medical data of their customers, they began to worry. When they discover the 250m tall full concrete building with 2 meter thick walls, not a single window, and heavy-armored guards with machine guns, a quarter of them tried to resigne. Tried. But you don't resign from EVO."

The intent is to use only a quarter of the the 34th floor of the high security building to install the successful startup. They have a datacenter, big cooling units, and offices.

All comments are welcome !





  • Nice map! Looks like there could soon be case of blood in the boardroom

    What edition of Shadowrun are you playing?

  • Hello Winterblight,

    Thank you for the feedback :)

    We are playing the "Anarchy" version. I like it for the very light rule system, fast access to action and easy to learn for new players.

    What about you ?

  • 2nd Edition was my go to edition - but 5th edition (rules bloat and layout issues) put me off the game for while. I have Anarchy, but haven't played it yet. I haven't been brave enough to try the sixth edition. I mostly play Earthdawn now.

    I wish I had CC3+ when I was running shadowrun. Microsoft Paint was about the height of technology back then :)

  • Awesome map! Glad to see more cyberpunk/Shadowrun stuff!

    I have loved SR since the first release, played every edition except the current (6th).

    I'll be the weird one here and say I actually liked 5th.

    Would you be willing to share some notes on the various rooms? Looks like the round one is the elevator shaft/security checkpoint. Then an antechamber/hallway, restrooms, receptionist office with attached restrooms and storage, main area (I'm assuming for low-level workers/call center, etc) with attached conference room and break room, low-level execs area, smaller conference room, manager/executive office, data center, and then maybe a generator room?

  • I too am glad to seem some of this genre popping up! Although my Shadowrun was only 1E and much later some Shadowrun Returns that I really want to like but haven't really gotten into. Satellite Reigns was a good substitute (but no magic), and because of that I've been toying with the idea of using the 'retro starship' style for some.

    Some food for thought for you - and maybe add to the suffering of your PCs. The last place I worked that had a data center in the office building actually had a similar setup to what you're describing. In keeping (loosely) with your theme, we'll call them The Obfuscated Mega Finance Group. A five story building, with two sub-levels. The data center was in about a quarter of the third floor, with the generators in the sub-level two. The air intake was on the roof, and had a big like 20x10 room that had pre-filters around the outside, with grates and louvers so someone couldn't crawl through. They fed directly into the generators and the heat exchangers in the data center. The exhaust for the data center was also on the roof, in similar rooms, but no filters. The exhaust for the generators was out the side, and had its own little concrete bunker looking building attached. A second attached concrete bunker looking building had the refueling equipment, with tanks under.

    The data center itself had two exits (some nonsense about safety issues, you know how it is). One to a security station with the armed guards, and one the NOC, or Network Observation Lounge, as I called it. Both had big UL-752 L7 windows so you could see into the data center and watch all the 'das blinkenlichten', as well as see if anyone were in there. There were faux-windows (with LED light strips - that had to be accessed from the outside, as there was concrete behind them, so you couldn't tell by looking at the outside where the data center was - though probably not a problem if your entire building is concrete. The servers had a dedicated data network and a completely separate 'lights out' non-data network for remote access. The only way to get data in or out of the data center was by sneakernet - in via CD or floppy, out by floppy.

    The security station had an attached locker room, and the guards came in in street clothes. The NOC had a bank of the small square lockers in a small room outside the NOC. No personal electronic devices allowed in either room. The security team monitored the data center and the NOC, and an off-site security team monitored both. We thought that second part was a myth, until we got 'a talking to' because one of us had had enough on a graveyard shift and when the monitoring alert went off YET AGAIN in the middle of a hectic night and someone gave it 'the finger'. They didn't say who or when, but knowing the team involved it could have been any of us.

    In addition to the usual motion sensors and cameras (some you could see, some you generally could not), there was different level of badge access. If you didn't work on the floor, your badge wouldn't let you open the stairwell door or push the elevator button. If you did work on the floor, your badge only worked during your normal work hours and days. If you did not work on the floor, and had a legitimate reason to be there for something that couldn't be done somewhere else, you had to have your VP executive approve, and you had to call ahead, and be escorted by a security fellow the entire time - he even had to wait outside the conference room until you were done (for example). If you were allowed in the NOC for research or troubleshooting or whatever, your name was on a list and when you ran your badge over the sensor it would activate a light in the corner telling the operator you needed in. If your badge didn't light the light, you didn't get in.

    Ah, the good old days! The company is still around, but the data center is long gone. Dismantled and the building, the last time I drove by, was completely gutted.
  • Hello,

    To DaischoChikara :

    I intend to add some explanation for each room on a specific sheet, not created yet. But it seems you understood all by yourself anyway :)

    The technical space on the left of the datacenter is for cooling units, as heat is a big issue in this kind of structure. Thanks for the feedback !

    To TheHawk :

    Thanks for the unvaluable experience sharing ! I am used to work in high-tech clean room environment, but never went into a datacenter. As you describe it, it seems that once again reality can really go over fiction !

    When working on the map, I wondered about the safety exits, and stated that an executive of EVO decided the security of the data was more important than the safety of the employees (Shadowrun Style !).

    I like the idea of the security center and the NOC you described. I also see the vents in my map as a potential input for the player to break in the building.

    I will post an update soon, thank you again !


  • And here comes an update of the map.

    I changed some floors,

    I added a glass wall between the control zone and the server inside the datacenter room, based on the NOC idea from above.

    I created the technician open space (and put some cleaning drones just for fun). I put some big chairs for employees working in VR.

    In the large corridor, I added two hatch-like opennings. They hide the "LDP" of the building. LDP stands for "Lethal Defense Point" (BIG guns getting out of the ground in case of BIG problem).

    Next step will be mainly focused on the lightning. As there are no windows in the building, all the lights and shadows should come from point lightning. Do you know a good tutorial for that ?😅

    As always, comments are very welcome 😉



  • Fenix said:


    When working on the map, I wondered about the safety exits, and stated that an executive of EVO decided the security of the data was more important than the safety of the employees (Shadowrun Style !).

    I like the idea of the security center and the NOC you described. I also see the vents in my map as a potential input for the player to break in the building.

    Some additional security precautions: If the NOC had only one exit (through the data center) it would be equally secure while providing another option for data center workers to escape a fire. Fire suppression systems would involve the removal of oxygen so quick exits would be essential. The NOC should be set up as a "safe room" with an independent ventilation system. The security station entrance to the data center should have a "man trap" with scanners to detect unauthorized electronics or media. Any media containing data from/to the center would have to be preauthorized and passed through the security station to be examined for contraband.
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    There area couple of new videos that cover point lighting here:

    Night and Day Time, by Remy Monsen:

    and the Live Mapping session called "Lighted Dungeons", by Ralf Schemmann:

    It is probably better to do a small practice map before you start on your main map, or at least save a copy as it is and then work on the lighting in a new version.

  • WyvernWyvern Surveyor
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    Getting lighting to look right and yet still leave the map usable is a tricky balance from my limited experience. In an environment such as you've drawn so far, the lighting would be likely good and fairly uniform flat, or largely none at all, for each particular area, so it may be worth asking how many lighting effects you really need before embarking on setting it all up.

  • Thank you for your insight Wyvern, I'll keep that in mind.

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