WIP: Re-working of an old map.

Hi Folks,

Now that I've finished my commission (still waiting final approval from the publisher), if I haven't heard by Wednesday, I'll send a follow up email, I can start work on some personal stuff.

The plan is to write and sell one-shot adventures, little side quests that GM's can insert into their campaigns. The plan is to offer mixed media product via DTRPG. The adventure in PDF with the complete labelled map, the maps as gridless, unlabelled jpegs suitable for Roll20. The map will be essentially in two parts - the players and the GMs.

Here is a WIP of a re-imagined old map (which @Loopysue might recognise). I'm doing it in the SS2 Bitmap B style.

The little area at the bottom will be part of the GM version. I'll send a copy to Profantasy once I'm finished the map part, just to make sure I'm not breeching the EULA. I'll aslo be checking the license terms for Bogies objects as well (for traps and stuff).

@Quenten, @Monsen, I'll also make the map available for the Atlas, we can discuss a suitable location when it's finished.



  • Here is more or less how the final floor plan will be done (this is extremely rough and done quickly at work).

    A secret trap door in the eastern room and secret door in the western room give access to the natural cave system with a small lake and an island with the building housing the macguffin/BBEG.

    I'm not 100% sure on the best method of packaging that for Roll20. Do I hide the cave system and export the Roll20 map (sans traps as well of course) as a jeg, and then hide all but the cave system and export that as a .png/jpeg to be placed on the GM layer...or do it via Roll20's Dynamic Lighting layer - the only issue being, people with the free Roll20 account won't be able to "hide" the cave system...

    Decisions, decisions.

  • Hi All,

    Here is a bit of an update. I wasn't too fond of the background texture, so when I applied the Cave Mask, I changed it. Also, increased the size of the bevel for the wall. Reasonably happy with this. Obviously still need to dress it properly but I need to work out the contents and encounters (where applicable) for each room first. I missed the secret door just above the curve on the bottom, west room.

    Now to try it in Roll20 and see how it looks...

  • Here it is in Roll20 with the dynamic lighting added to the main part of the dungeon.

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    Thought I'd add this here as it will be for the same adventure. Inspired by Daniel's ghostly armour on the blog, I decided to have a play with CA3. The intent is to create something akin to the D&D 3.5 Dread Guard (Monster Manual 2). I've no idea how to create the glows to give it that nasty, evil feel. 1d4+2 of these will be the encounter in the room with the alcoves if anyone messes with the contents.

    I couldn't see it in the armour section, but is there samurai type armour and weaponry?

  • Great work! I look forward to seeing the finished product (after having purchased it!).

  • @DaishoChikara Thanks Mate. Before you spend your hard earned, you should know it's not for D&D (or any D20 based game), it's for Mythras (Runequest 6) from The Design Mechanism, IMHO the best version of that D100 family.

  • I've been told I should absolutely be playing that. One of these days...

    In the meantime, it's good to look at products outside of the normal channels, for that way lies secret knowledge! (Sorry, been watching kung fu movies today)

    Also, I will totally support the creators I'm personally familiar with. Joe Blow on DMsGuild? Maybe, depends on what he's offering. Fellow mappers that I talk to on forums/discord, you betcha!

  • That's very pleasing to hear @DaishoChikara. The first adventure is a bit of a tester to see how it goes, what sales volumes are like, what kind of feedback I receive and so on. The general plan is to sell these adventures at $2.95USD via DTRPG, they will be fully VTT, and in particular ROll20, compatible; the only thing missing will be tokens for monsters I can't create via CA3. The good thing is this adventure will be suitable for novice characters, so all you will need is the adventure and Mythras Imperative, a free, quick-start version of the rules...

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