WIP "Old Glory" - A Home Brew World

Hi all,

Has been great fun coming back to mapping after long time lurking... Used CC2 in the past especially during the transition to CC2+ (Realms Work Mapping Project), and recently restarted with CC3+. The newer iteration is much easier to use, especially for new users, and "returnees" ;-)

The presented maps are my home brew campaign, which up till recently operated in an empty void of disconnected adventures. Now with a regular troop consisting of my Wife, Son and the occasional friend, I decided to ground the geography and build a world atlas. Learning from past mistakes, of over planning and burn out, the plan is to map just what is needed. We live in a metric area so maps will be metric and designed to fit comfortably into an A4 printed page (with nice white borders)

The project will consist of:

a) World map - a full world map, done using CA062 (February 2012), in "Equal Earth Projection". The size of the globe is earth like - which will make my head hurt less when trying to understand distances and their implications.

b) Regional Maps - 3000*2000 KM sections cut from the world using CA068 (August 2012), and mapped in "Modern style" CA034 (October 2009), with a smattering of selected symbols from other catalogues.

c) Local Maps - 500*400 KM (6 * 6 fit in regional map), that should be cut out of the Regional maps. Although the one I did first was, well done first, before the regional and world map, so the reqional map needed some manual fixing to match up. These will be using the classic overland template (Mike Schely).

d) Local B&W Maps - Copied from above and simplified with a selection of B&W symbols, that look more hand-drawn. I put white overlay sections on these, to hide unknown areas, then print them out for my players.

e) Detailed maps - as needed using 80*100 KM. Sections from (c) that need further expansion.

There is one city in the local region, but currently, no time line to mapp it.

So next, posting some samples...



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    World Map

    Using the Equal Earth Projection - to give a better visual feel of the lay of the land. The grid is traced over from an image of an EQ real earth map, and then the longitude lines where fudged using real circular arcs (so don't use this if you are trying to navigate in my world 😁 . The difference can be seen if you look at the edges of the globe - where there are 2 close arcs - the inner one is the trace of the real EQ projection and the outer one is the real arc through 3 points (top 90N, middle - equator , bottom 90S Latitude lines)

    The yellow circular area on the "right" (NE quadrant) is a place holder for an island region (a la earth-sea or pirates of the Caribbean)

  • World Map - with Currents

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 15 images Mapmaker ProFantasy

    It's a really good start :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing those that come later.

  • When you right click the "smooth path" you have an option of adding arrow heads "curve with Arrow". The only less intuitive (for me) was that you start from the Arrow head and go "back"

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