Community Atlas - Peredur - Torstan Castle [WIP]

I have made a start on Torstan Castle, which is modelled after Carrickfergus Castle, one of my favourite castles, in Ulster.

Here is the map to date. I am not quite happy with the rocks yet, and I have more crenellations to do. As well, some catapults etc. I used Weatherman Sweden's great wave edge striping. I also managed to get the frame so the dark edge was all inside (and hid a bit of an overlap problem with roses from CSUAC).

Is there anything either in the map or what structures should be there etc, etc, etc? (think The King and I with Yul Bryner). I know the sea is a bit too repetitive, but i will fix this with the next iteration.

My plan is to do 4 floors and a basement - I have most of them already figured out on paper. The keep will be 4 storeys, the towers 3, the walls 2 and the buildings 1.

I also have included the map plan of Carrickfergus Castle itself, plus a few diagrams and photos I took when Trina and I were there in August 2017.



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