Oddity using the B&W Towns style from CA 100 (2015)

I was trying an experiment using the Black & White Towns style from the 2015 CA. Never having used it previously, I was following along with a printout of the PDF mapping guide. Most of the style is defined by various symbol catalogues, and accessing those was straightforward enough. However, when I tried to find the drawing tools, they don't load automatically with the style now, so for instance clicking the All City Drawing Tools button, as described in the PDF, simply brings up the default (colour) CD3 drawing tools.

I eventually located them - there are four "Par Lindstrom" drawing tool catalogues listed, so this is not a simple task - under "Annual Par Lindstrom City BW". This is particularly confusing, because when choosing the style from the New Drawing Wizard this comes up as just "Annual Par Lindstrom BW"! (Though you have to be looking among the "Cities" styles to find it, of course.)

While this is fine, and merely a minor irritation to someone experienced enough with CC3+ to get around this quirk, I can imagine someone coming to it fresh and following the directions in the PDF mapping guide might find this more problematic. Maybe the PDF mapping guide text could be tweaked to reflect what the process now is for loading the proper drawing tools for this style? Assuming it isn't some other glitch, that is (probably mine if so...).



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