A Very D&D Christmas

This is still a work in progress--issue with the yeti for one--but I thought I would post it for the grins and giggles of it.

I imagine a group of adventurers exploring a deserted castle in the north and finding this story in floor or wall tiles. It's a story to scare children--a grim fairy tale. Yuletide never existed and no cat ever came over a snowy mountain with an abominable companion and destroyed it.

But there are rumors and whispers that are told to grown ups and not sleepy children. Hushed voices speaking in the shadows of smoky taverns about a good, wise, and gentle king who once lived at the very top of the world. He and his people dedicated themselves to making children happy and rewarding the heroes who protected them. Every year he journeyed from the capital of Yuletide to bring presents and treasures to all the good children and brave adventurers in the land. Then one year he stopped coming and no one has seen him or his sleigh or reindeer or his glorious toys, wonderful gifts, and fabulous treasures in over fifty years...

I was inspired by Iceland's evil yule cat. :)

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