Moortrotter's apiary

Hi, everyone.

A new 3 MB map finished for the D&D adventure I've been working on for a while. Moortrotter's Apiary is a wild gnome settlement in the Dairly Plains, southwest of the continent of Ansalon, in the D&D Dragonlance setting. There, the experiments of a group of wild gnomes on hybridation and mystical breeding of bees has created something unique and deadly, a giant beehive populated by massive swarms and lethal bees that has engulfed the surrounding trees and threatens the whole region.

I used the SS4: Dungeons of Schley set plus the CSUAC2 add on and several symbol resources from the Vintyri project, some Texture Overblend for the cliff, the water and the hive walls and floors, and added the two grids in Photoshop.

Thanks to Ralf, who helped me sorting out a printer issue that got me stuck for a few days.

Note: if you want a higher resolution version, you can find it here:


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