FT3 - In need of help for first overlay

Hello all,

Sorry for the utter lack of understanding, but I'm fresh out of idea as how to create an overlay from scratch. My need is to create a post-apocalypse world.

I created a world according to my needs, toyed with colours and climate. Now I need to add an overlay that'll show how some areas of that world are irradiated, and here I'm stuck, other overlays will follow to show political borders etc...

  • I select the overlay windows, pick a name, 'Rad' in this case, and density, 10%, always on.
  • Select overlay drawing colour, 135, use the middle mouse button to select area and try to cover an area with left button on as said on the bottom line.

But here, nothing happens. I know I miss something obvious but can't put my finger on it, my search-fu is weak as I found nothing.

Any help appreciated.


  • jslaytonjslayton Surveyor Moderator, ProFantasy

    10% isn't really enough to see the overlay, especially if the background is a strong color. I recommend at least 30%.

    I'm unclear on which tool that you're using that instructs you to use the middle mouse button to select an area.

    When you select the Overlay Paint tool, you should be able to paint onto the world using the color specified on the Image Overlay Paintbrush Options toolbar. I just noticed that the color button area on the toolbar isn't drawing correctly until you run the mouse over the area just to the right of the "Color" label, though. Probably a change in a recent OS update is causing havoc with the custom control used for that. The color button on the toolbar uses an RGB color picker, while Image Overlays>>Set Overlay Drawing Color sets uses the CC3 color picker.

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