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After seeing the work that Sue has done on the map of Michigan i asked about the token symbols, she has pointed me to the Annual 2015. there I have found the Ancient Realms symbols of CA106 and by the pfd of that years annual it says that CA107 had even more of these tokens for use. In CA106 I have found 52 tokens, i am unable to find the 120 tokens of CA107. I have used a search of my hard drive for CA107 and only get a sample map. Can you Point me in the right direction Please


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    Since those two issues are part of the same style, everything is grouped together under the CA106 banner. If I remember correctly, CA106 itself didn't come with any tokens at all, all of those where added to the style by CA107.

    The tokens comes in two varieties, full color, and monochrome. I am not usre why, but the monochrome version doesn't seem to be in the symbol catalog for some reason, but you can find them if you point your symbol catalog window to @Symbols\Maps\Ancient Realms\Sites to load the .png's directly instead of the symbol catalog.

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