Importing a Spiral Galaxy

I want to import a spiral galaxy as the base sheet in order to do a large galactic civilization. I want to be able to turn off that sheet in order to work on other areas.

I know I have seen this in the last couple of videos, but I am trying to figure out the best way.

Thanks in advance.



  • WyvernWyvern Surveyor

    If you've a suitable image you can and want to use (importing an entire spiral galaxy will likely crash your computer 😉), and it's available to you as a standard image file (jpg, png, bmp), you can simply create a new Sheet in your CC3+ drawing, and then import it into that using the Draw - Insert File command from the drop-down menus. Give the Sheet a recognisable name so you can find it easily when you need to turn it on and off. You may need to resize the image to get it to fit the size of your drawing properly, but that's fairly easily done, if a bit fiddly to get exactly right.

    You would probably be best to also set the file image up on a separate Layer too, but that's not essential.

  • Thanks I will definitely keep you posted.

  • I used cc3 to draw part of two spiral arms and some spotty stars and gas connecting them.

  • My drawing spirals are horrible.

    My first attempt looked like a dead squid, it was that good.

  • I just drew generalized shapes.

    Oh, I did have a program, no longer available, that makes a bunch of stars.

    Of course, you could go to Astronomy Picture of the Day, and download a galaxy photo. Note that some have a copyright, and some don't. These go back to 1995.

  • Thanks for the help. I am trying to create a sheet effect in order to hide the galaxy while I am populating the outposts.

  • My suggestion would be put the galaxy on the background sheet. And the cover sheet to block that view on background2.

    Some of them from the first year or two, before 2000, are small pictures. Then they started posting larger ones. Click on the photo, then is the pointer changes to a circle with a plus inside it, click on it again as it is much larger. Save the much larger one to your computer. It wil be easier to insert it without fuzzy pixels.

  • Thank you!

  • You're welcome.

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