Community Atlas - Ezrute - Dunor Valley - Runcibor monastery ruins dungeons

This is the beginning of a 4 level dungeon map, to rise to the challenge issued by Jim to stop doing cities, and do a dungeon (the area I feel most ill at ease with).

This is the dungeon below the ruined monastery of the sinister Order of Holy Spiros which was destroyed by angry local many years prior.

The above ground map is shown for reference.

The floor will lose a lot of its tiling effect when it is filled in with rubble and ...

I will also change the walls to those in Annual issue 129 (Dungeon Walls).

I fully expect Jim to keep me on the straight and narrow during the construction.

Here is the map of Runcibor village as a reminder.



  • Off to a good start Quenten. Looking forward to seeing you develop this. The grid as shown, is that part of the tiling effect you were referring too? If so, the maps will look heaps better without it.

    Don't feel ill at ease about mapping dungeons, IMO they're much easier than overland and city maps! Firstly, they're usually smaller so there's a lot less space to fill and secondly, for the most part, there is always exceptions, they're drawn to a grid so scaling is not an issue, particularly with drawing them in CC3+/DD3.

    Speaking of which, if this is intended to allow gamers to use it, it will need to be done with either no grid at all or a standard 5 ft or 10ft grid.

  • The 'grid' is actually a fill effect - to be fixed later. The real grid, not shown, is 10'. Here it is without the damning fill.

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