Spectrum during the time of Election

Sometimes, I just have to escape this world and go to a new one, so I created this map with some of this years annuals.

I don't seem to know the phrases:

Simple is best.

Less is more.

If I am feeling ambitious later, I may try to name the villages, towns, and cities as well as the major natural locations.

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  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 15 images Mapmaker ProFantasy

    Lovely result :)

    I always find maps therapeutic, but now I'm wondering if there is a story about the tree in the sea? That is a tree, isn't it? I'm all curious.

  • A bit hard for me to tell. It is either a tree or a tower.

  • Lol it's a tree. Probably forgot to delete that symbol. Those rogue pines :)
    Good map!
  • I am rather embarrassed to admit it, but the tree was put there by accident. I suppose if we want to examine Freudian slips, I could try to figure out what the accidental placement of the tree may say about my psyche, but I would rather make something up.

    A giant fell in love with a dryad who did not return his affections. In his anger, he uprooted her tree and tossed it in the sea. When the tides and waves threatened to drag the tree underwater or wash it much further out to sea, the panicked tree sank its roots deep into the ocean floor where it became b0und and anchored by an elder being who did not appreciate being awakened.

    The dryad did everything in her power to free the tree and return it to land, but alas, it was to no avail. Then one night she fell into a deep sleep and a voice offered to turn her into a mermaid and said she could be with it again and care for it underwater. Without hesitation, the dryad agreed.

    But such deals always have a price...

    There are stories among the sailors of a beautiful leaf-clad maiden who sits atop a tree-shaped rock on the nights of the dark moon calling to them for help, but no ship that has ever answered her call has ever returned.

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  • My suggestion would be to leave it there, and come up with a mystery as to why it is there.

    Maybe representing a forest on an invisible island ?

  • Thehawk,

    Thanks for that link. It was an interesting read.

  • A wise man often said that when it comes to art we don't make mistakes, we just have happy little accidents.

    Lovely looking map, and a lovely looking map style.

  • DrVesuvius--Thanks for the compliment. I often find happy little accidents in most everything I do :).

  • thehawkthehawk Traveler
    edited November 10

    DrVesuvius--Thanks for the compliment. I often find happy little accidents in most everything I do :).

    In my family too, as my two youngest brothers can attest.

    Overall, I really like this map. Maybe moreso because of that tree that in my mind wanders the waters over there.
    The purple roofs bother me for some reason though. I have no idea why, as I generally don't have anything against the color purple. Is there a code to the roof colors, or just what you felt like at the time?
  • thehawk:

    The roof colors started out as a code to the type of location it was. Purple began as an indicator of an independent city-state with the orange locations as owing allegiance to a city state. The blue locations were independent locations without any vassal locations. At the end, I think I just made cities purple.

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