Scalica Community Atlas Work In Progress

john crowleyjohn crowley Traveler
edited October 16 in Show and Tell

Is this too much to post at one time? Looking for suggestions before submitting to the atlas. These maps are all in one file. Use HIDESHTF and SHOWSHTF. CORE for background and ERA_ A, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.



  • Not too much as far as I am concerned. Remy Monsen might pull his hair out some more though.

    Just a few words about the text on the maps. Some of the kingdom names overlap names below - perhaps they could be placed in the sea beside the kingdom? And some of the bolder text looks pretty clunky to me - how about 'unbolding' it, especially in Fall of Calfardis, and Fall of Rufen-Irabdis. Finally, the glow around the text could be reduced in some of the maps. Just my opinion though. (especially as I have been guilty of these things in the past)

  • Thanks. Monsen told me how to organize the sheets. Hopefully, if I have organized the sheet names properly he won't have to pull out his hair. I think you are right about the text and I will change it. I was thinking that in a publication from the prestigious Wotbrod University the text should be uniform across all the maps.

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