[wip] d&d Basic/Expert set of maps

Until I make a dungeon, or city, and key it appropriately, this is still a rather generic type location.

First, the continent, then an area.

The work in progress is a castle/village and a dungeon. This is, of course, the Ferraris style.

Well, yes, 4 simulaneous mapping projects.



  • More filled in. I decided to use other building symbols to show changes over the centuries. Likely put farmland south of the castle.

    I might swap out all of the circle keeps for the fantasy ones. Now I need to find something else to do.

  • Like them, good job! In the area map would it be possible to make the routes more noticeable? It took me two viewings to notice them.


  • Good point. I dont see them on my cell. But they are more noticeable at 2000 pixels wide.

  • Added a light gray outer glow to the roads. A hill in the forest is added for a small dungeon of about 5 to 10 rooms.

    I was going to add white outer glow, color 15, but I felt it was too bright.

  • That's a really nice map Jim, and the roads look much better now.

  • Thanks folks. Hill looks rather small, so I will enlarge it so it is larger than the trees.

    I really like the Ferraris style for basic areas like the above. I'll very likely do more of them.

  • Added The Cave. Adventure location.

  • Two versions of the Haunted Cave. One with a grid, and one without. I think the one without makes it easier to see the doors/open doorways, etc. Thr background pattern is likely a speed setting. I only see a 3x3 grid, with a partial fourth column on the right in CC3Plus.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 10 images Mapmaker ProFantasy

    The one without the grid.

    The tiles on the floor texture work as enough of a grid anyway.

  • That really doesn't look like a cave to me. Looks more like a classic dungeon, crypt or mine. Caves don't usually have straight line walls or stairs leading into to them. I'd go with crypt myself; that would have a genuine reason to be haunted and the long corridors/tunnels might have a religious significance.

  • edited October 19

    Well, this is Basic D&D. I have several modules from then, some caves are smoothed out. But I haven't finished it yet.

    In looking at the lower level caves in B1, Quasqueton, the cave walls are rather more regular than a typical cave. There are curved corridors, and cave like caves, LIII looks rather regular to me.

    I've also been thinking about making another one, same location, using iso maps symbols.

  • Ah, I thought I had said preliminary map. Anyway, I did plan some cave areas. Been gaming all day in Everquest II, so I don't think I'll work on maps today.

  • Added two caves for a total of 11 rooms. Castle needs to be worked on. And a town map.

  • 6 days later
  • Okay, now 12 rooms, and I populated them, added furniture, etc.

    1) entrance; a skeletal forearm and hand. A wooden door to the left that is open. But is anybody home ?

    2) 20' x 30' an old campfire and some rocks.

    3) 30' x 50' crates and 3 skeletons. There could be something in the crates.

    4) 20' x 30' 5 giant rats. Someone must feed them, a basket of apples and 2 containers of water.

    5) 20' x 30' could the glowing skull be a trap ? Or just a warning ?

    6) 30' x 20' a sack and 2 barrels.

    7A) a large cave about 150' x 90' 6 small crates and an open chest of treasure. Or is the treasure chest an illusion ? Secret door leads to the owner's room.

    7B) a smaller cave; about 60' x 45' 3 zombies in it. Are their clothes covered in green mold of some type ?

    8) a medium cave, in comparison to the rest. About 85' x 70' A stove, bed, work table, campfire, tabler and chairs, water closet, and a chest. The desk and chair are for a tall person, say around 8' tall.

    9) 30' x 50' 2 dead dwarves and 2 Giant Ants ! For some reason the ants look green.

    10) 30' x 30' beware the green chicken !

    11) 40' x 30' two rock piles. There could be something under the rocks.

    12) The owner's 2 pet boa constrictors. Just skeletons left. Or are they undead boa constrictors ?

    I'll upload a 2000 pixel jpg to my gallery.

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