[wip] d&d Basic/Expert set of maps

Until I make a dungeon, or city, and key it appropriately, this is still a rather generic type location.

First, the continent, then an area.

The work in progress is a castle/village and a dungeon. This is, of course, the Ferraris style.

Well, yes, 4 simulaneous mapping projects.



  • More filled in. I decided to use other building symbols to show changes over the centuries. Likely put farmland south of the castle.

    I might swap out all of the circle keeps for the fantasy ones. Now I need to find something else to do.

  • Like them, good job! In the area map would it be possible to make the routes more noticeable? It took me two viewings to notice them.


  • Good point. I dont see them on my cell. But they are more noticeable at 2000 pixels wide.

  • Added a light gray outer glow to the roads. A hill in the forest is added for a small dungeon of about 5 to 10 rooms.

    I was going to add white outer glow, color 15, but I felt it was too bright.

  • That's a really nice map Jim, and the roads look much better now.

  • Thanks folks. Hill looks rather small, so I will enlarge it so it is larger than the trees.

    I really like the Ferraris style for basic areas like the above. I'll very likely do more of them.

  • Added The Cave. Adventure location.

  • Two versions of the Haunted Cave. One with a grid, and one without. I think the one without makes it easier to see the doors/open doorways, etc. Thr background pattern is likely a speed setting. I only see a 3x3 grid, with a partial fourth column on the right in CC3Plus.

  • The one without the grid.

    The tiles on the floor texture work as enough of a grid anyway.

  • That really doesn't look like a cave to me. Looks more like a classic dungeon, crypt or mine. Caves don't usually have straight line walls or stairs leading into to them. I'd go with crypt myself; that would have a genuine reason to be haunted and the long corridors/tunnels might have a religious significance.

  • edited October 2020

    Well, this is Basic D&D. I have several modules from then, some caves are smoothed out. But I haven't finished it yet.

    In looking at the lower level caves in B1, Quasqueton, the cave walls are rather more regular than a typical cave. There are curved corridors, and cave like caves, LIII looks rather regular to me.

    I've also been thinking about making another one, same location, using iso maps symbols.

  • Ah, I thought I had said preliminary map. Anyway, I did plan some cave areas. Been gaming all day in Everquest II, so I don't think I'll work on maps today.

  • Added two caves for a total of 11 rooms. Castle needs to be worked on. And a town map.

  • 6 days later
  • Okay, now 12 rooms, and I populated them, added furniture, etc.

    1) entrance; a skeletal forearm and hand. A wooden door to the left that is open. But is anybody home ?

    2) 20' x 30' an old campfire and some rocks.

    3) 30' x 50' crates and 3 skeletons. There could be something in the crates.

    4) 20' x 30' 5 giant rats. Someone must feed them, a basket of apples and 2 containers of water.

    5) 20' x 30' could the glowing skull be a trap ? Or just a warning ?

    6) 30' x 20' a sack and 2 barrels.

    7A) a large cave about 150' x 90' 6 small crates and an open chest of treasure. Or is the treasure chest an illusion ? Secret door leads to the owner's room.

    7B) a smaller cave; about 60' x 45' 3 zombies in it. Are their clothes covered in green mold of some type ?

    8) a medium cave, in comparison to the rest. About 85' x 70' A stove, bed, work table, campfire, tabler and chairs, water closet, and a chest. The desk and chair are for a tall person, say around 8' tall.

    9) 30' x 50' 2 dead dwarves and 2 Giant Ants ! For some reason the ants look green.

    10) 30' x 30' beware the green chicken !

    11) 40' x 30' two rock piles. There could be something under the rocks.

    12) The owner's 2 pet boa constrictors. Just skeletons left. Or are they undead boa constrictors ?

    I'll upload a 2000 pixel jpg to my gallery.

  • 13 days later
  • Added additional rooms. Most of the behind secret doors. Now, a monster or bad guys can circle around behind the adventurers.

    900 pixel jpg. As usual, 2000 jpg in my gallery.

  • I'm thinking the background of an underground maze should be a dirt texture rather than vegetation. Some surface terrain near the "Entrance" is reasonable but otherwise what is buried should seem buried.
  • The green in the "mold" makes me think of photosynthesis and that only works where there is light. There are varieties of mold that don't need light but they are more likely to be brown or grey (or even black) than green. I see the green patterns in the background as a distraction from the floors of the chambers and unless the moldy earth the complex is buried in is a hazard players need to be reminded of a less distracting background might work better.
  • Well, I kinda like it. I was using too many rocky looking backgrounds.

    I'll think about it.

  • Interesting but otherwise useless fact: There may be a discrepancy between what Americans call mold and what Brits call mould. To me, a mould is never green, being more like a slime mould or fungus. Anything green is algae, lichen or moss.

  • I have seen green mold, brown mold, lichens, and algae, etc. And the green is from something, but not photosynthesis.

  • Green is from Mars. LOL

  • But Mars is the Red planet.

  • Little green men are from Mars

  • So, are you saying they are moldy?

  • I don't know, Jim. I'm pretty confused myself right now! LOL! :P

  • 8 days later
  • The two overland maps. General area, some keeps now have names. And I moved the dungeon/cave closer to the keeps. Walls added to the Crossroads Castle map. I tried tweaking the glow on the text on the area map, but it was there at 0.9, and gone at 0.8. So I left it at 1.0.

    I'll have to detail the town before I can upload it to my site for gaming.

  • 3 months later
  • Update.

    900 pixel jpg, 2000 pixel in my gallery.

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