cc2 developers list on Yahoo Groups

I found a link to the cc2 developers list on Yahoo Groups ( Unfortunately there is an announcement that the Yahoo Groups will be switched off in December 2020. A download of the old content already seems to be impossible (Error 500). Is it possible to move the content of the old group somewhere else or to make it accessible in another way?


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator

    Most of the features of Yahoo Groups, including all the downloadable resources on the group page such as files, images and message archive, was removed about a year ago. There isn't any way anymore to extract anything from there and put it anywhere.

    The shutdown anoucement on the site now is just for their final service, the email part, which will also go away.

  • A pity!In the old turorials for XP-Depelopment there are several references to this Yahoo Group, and probably the contributions are/were still very valuable today.

    But thanks for the information!

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