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I've already posted twice before (once for help in the wrong spot, second to show some projects) so this is a little late.

Greetings! I'm simianorganism or Ian for short. I have been using software to make maps for about a month and a half but have been making hardcopy maps on all scales for D&D and other ttrpgs off and on since I was a kid back in the 80s. Started out using competing software but it proved too unstable so switched to cc3+ etc. exactly two weeks ago turns out. I'm really enjoying it despite its slightly bizarre autocad-y layout and the occasional frustration induced headache. Using it for battle and encounter maps for D&D in a VTT system, and the 4th rebuilding of my world (first time in digital) cause natural disasters keep wiping out my old copies.

Anyway, the responses to my other posts were helpful and encouraging so thank you for that.


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    Hi Ian :)

    No need to worry about being late. This Introduction category is new, so mine has been made 4 years late by that standard!

  • Great to hear from you, Ian. Any more info about you, like where you live what you do and things like that. Just to make you seem more real to all of us - it is great when we see your name and work that we have some good image of you as we converse.

    Not that you have to, of course. We do appreciate the desire for privacy.

  • Welcome to the show, come on inside the forums !

  • Welcome, Ian! I've been checking out your encounter maps - good stuff!

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