Aegean Isles


I'm a new mapper and wanted to share my first completed Overland map for my fantasy world, as I am really proud of it!

Introducing The Aegean Isles!

It is based in a world where magic exists and so I am sorry if I have broken any cardinal sin of cartography!

There are a few distinct regions that are all inspired by a particular portion of our real world - the Verdant Kingdom is an Monarchy inspired by Old England, where as the Theosian Repbulic is based on what I know of Ancient Greece, and the cities of the Trofan Jungle are inspired by the Celtics.

To give some insight into a few of the interesting locations:

  • Titan's Trail : A wide path that has been stomped down over years and years of mindless walking by the vacant body of a God.
  • Habbakuk's Pass : An underwater passage that is maintained by the East and West Moana tribes, and links the underwater city of Vixere to the mainland
  • The Proving: An ancient arena that hosts bi-annual tournaments for anyone brave enough to enter
  • Kastor's Folly: The remains of the once floating city that came crashing down to land many years past
  • World's Eye: A great lake that could well be considered a small in-land sea. A mysterious monument of unknown origin juts out its middle
  • The Abyss: Great cracks in the worlds surface in which all manner of dark denizens crawl out of



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