Corrupt settings/menus?

Anyone seen anything like this? I already tried repair installs, so thinking I may need to uninstall everything and the reinstall it again. That's a couple days of work, so hoping there's an easier way to fix this.

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  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator
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    Sounds like unnecessary work if it is just the ca3.mnu file that is broken.

    A repair install should resore missing files, so I would try just to delete the ca3.mnu file from your data directory, and then run a repair on character artist. That'll probably restore that file. If that works, you'll want to do a re-install of the latest update after that.



  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator

    Is it only the ca3 menu file that is affected here, or all of them?

    You can load other menu files either by typing menudm on the command line, followed by the name and location of a menu file, for example

    MENUDM @fcw32.mnu

    Or by simply loading another map (double click on the file in windows explorer) that comes from another add-on, as maps do load the appropriate menu file on startup.

  • argel1200argel1200 Traveler

    MENUDM @fcw32.mnu did work but I think I may just do a reinstall to clearout any issues.SIGH

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