Commission Advice Sought

Hi Folks,

I need some help.

The 2nd commission I've undertaken, which is ironically due 1st, is a set of 3 maps consisting of; an outdoor map 150m x 105m showing some jungle, a river, waterfall and cliffs, a central shaft (natural) with a descending spiral stair (carved) which is the main feature and some ruins; a cutaway map showing the 4 levels approx. 60m x 85m; and finally, the lowest level which is approx 60m x 90m and has an exit from the central shaft and an amphitheater as well as some other bits and bobs.

The design brief is 'old-school white dwarf' so, to me that means B&W. I'm thinking a B&W overland for the 1st one and the Annual OSR dungeon style for the other 2. What styles would you folk recommend?

P.S. This is also posted on the facebook page.

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