Help with overlapping maps

Hi I've had CC3 for ages but only recently started using it in earnest and am really only just learning how to use it.

My problem is I have a map and want to create another map that would include part of the first map at the bottom of a map that is twice the size. Is there a way to copy say areas B and C to the bottom of two new maps?


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator
    edited October 1

    There is, but you'll need to do some trimming.

    Basically, you just use clipboard copy and use a selection rectangle to mark the area you wish to copy, then paste it into the destination map (Keep an eye on the command line while doing clipboard copy to make sure you complete all steps).

    You can the use tools like Trim and similar to crop lines going out of the area.

    Basically, your procedure is the same as when making a detail map of an area, which is described in this blog article, just a bit simpler.

  • Thanks for the advice Monsen. Will give it a try.

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