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While this isn't really a show and tell topic, I think it belongs here more than the other categories. This is a blog entry on in which the author talks about the game maps he likes along with some details. Perhaps it can serve for inspiration. Many different styles and a few look like they may have been done with CC.




  • I really enjoyed this, and have some new things picked out. If I really like a map, I will generally purchase whatever product it goes with, even if all I want is the map. However, my bank account does now curse your name.

    One of my most favorite board game maps was Dark Tower - it's the 3d buildings on the map that made it 'stand out'. Plus, it was fantasy themed, so much more interesting than 'Life'. Ever since CC Dioramas came out, I've had the idea of doing something with CC. Maybe when I 1) retire and 2) finish the garage hobby.

    There's a company that makes puzzles like this, and I have several. . The one I'd started had to be hastily torn down halfway through when the mice broke into the pantry and we had to turn the dining room table into the pantry. From which it still has yet to recover, as I decided since we had the pantry all torn apart anyway, I should re-do all the shelving and everything. This is still in progress.

    Anyway, the plan is to finish a puzzle then build a shadow-box / picture frame type assembly to mount it in and maybe hang on the wall.
    mike robel
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    Oh yea - and my original point for writing anything at all: thank you for sharing!
  • Thanks! Those puzzles are interesting, but I will have to pass as I have too many plastics models and wargames as it is. Don't need a new hobby. 🙄

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