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Hi Folks,

Over on the FB page I've posted 2 maps using the techniques for the Watabou annual style; one is in Watabou style, the other in Ferraris style, sort of. The latter is a WIP as it's taking me a little time to work out that style, it's much, much more complex than the Watabou style. I actually re-drew the water as it was easier than changing with the drawing tool.

Any tips and tricks for the Ferraris style would be appreciated.



  • Looking good :)

    Very nice job with the buildings, wall and tower. I had no idea the Watabou cities style could be combined with the Ferraris style at all, so kudos for that!

    Only one thing to say so far: that speckling effect on the roads is likely due to the fact that they were never drawn with the Ferraris Style road tool, which draws two lines on two different sheets - the underlying sheet being the one that creates the edge glow and protects the road itself from getting transparency acne (the black spots). You could work out where to move the existing roads and what sheet to copy them onto and what properties to change by drawing a short sample road with the drawing tool and using Info->List from the menu. That would make them work a lot better for you, and would ensure they don't end up in the wrong order with all the other stuff in the map.

  • Thanks Sue. I thought it would be a good experiment to see if the techniques for the Watabou style, i.e. changing the entities on the .DXF import via drawing tools (after they'd been tidied up), could be applied to any style with suitable, if not similar, tools. The short answer is yes. The long answer is, it depends on how much extra work you want to do.

    With the roads, what I did was: change the active sheet to Roads, select Change Like Draw Tool, Road Default Paved, selected the entities and hit do it. I'll have to try what you suggest to fix them up. Then I'll tart this up with some additional terrain for the forests and field etc and call it done.

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    Yes, if you just draw a tiny section of road with the style's road tool somewhere in the space you will see what I mean about there being two sheets involved ;)

    But otherwise a great piece of work :D

  • What a great idea. Can you share your method when you have worked it all out. Just having the buildings is almost enough.

  • What a great idea. Can you share your method when you have worked it all out. Just having the buildings is almost enough

    No problem Quenten. The whole process would probably have been much easier if I'd familiarised myself with Ferraris map style first by working through its guide. Then I would have a better understanding of how the various drawing tools work and able to judge what to use where. I think, apart from the roads which I'll work on using Sue's suggestion, once you get to this stage you're done with the conversion process and to finish the map you'll need to follow the Ferraris mapping guide.

  • I think it was a brilliant idea, and I can see how it would halve the time taken to do a Ferraris Style map, maybe even more than that. In fact, if I could only lay my hands on that 25 hour day I had somewhere lying around this place I'd have a go myself :)

  • In fact, if I could only lay my hands on that 25 hour day I had somewhere lying around this place I'd have a go myself :)

    I could use a couple of those myself, if you find one please share!

    I won't be doing anymore mapping this weekend as the wife and I are having a weekend away, a much needed sanity break. A 4-5 hour drive tomorrow morning, dump the camper-trailer (a box trailer with a tent on top) at the caravan park, have a bit of an exploration of Junee, in particular the chocolate-licorice factory, get some vittles then back to the park to set the trailer up, relax and get ready for the return trip on Sunday with a stop off to visit Rose's rleatives that live in Cootamundra.

  • Sounds exciting :)

    Have a lovely time!

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    @Loopysue Thanks, really looking forward to it. We were supposed to have been on a 3 month, half-lap of Oz, roadtrip but between the bushfires we had at the start of the year, and bloody COVID we've had to put it off for the 3rd time (we we're originally meant to go in 2018 but stuff happened so we postponed it to Feb this year). Anyhow, we've not had a proper holiday for a couple of years now...

    You know we have proper emoji's right😉

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    Humm both styles mix can fit really well. Looking foward to see it!

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