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Looks as though I'll be getting last year's annual for a commission using the Ancient Tombs styles. The commissions are generally dungeon maps for an adventure at 1/2 Letter size and my art brief is the author's hand drawn sketches. So I have a question re the isometric version; is it quicker to do the ISO from scratch or modify a 2d version?

This has also been posted over on the Facebook group.

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  • RalfRalf Surveyor Administrator, ProFantasy
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    In general it'S easiest to take only the basic layout of the 2D map, convert this into a "flat" isometric plan by using the "3D Projection" command, and then build the 3D version on top of that.

  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 9 images Mapmaker ProFantasy
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    @jmabbott Ralf will be doing a live stream based on the isometric version of this style tomorrow if you want to come and join in. I have posted this in your thread for your convenience, since you asked specially, but I will also start a thread for it in the main forum.



  • Thanks Ralf.

    Once I get the annual I'll do a simple 2-3 room floorplan, save it as name_2d & name_3d and take it from there working through each of the mapping guides as appropriate.

  • Thanks Sue, I did see that. Unfortunately, due to time zones I can't watch live, I'm not staying up until 02:00 - sorry, I'm keen, but I'm not that keen, however I will watch it some time Friday.

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