Grid size after Resize Drawing Area?

I used Resize Drawing Area, deleted my grid and then created a new grid and looks like the new grid is still using the original drawing area. Is there a way to fix that?

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  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 8 images Mapmaker Administrator
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    That shouldn't really happen unless there is something wrong with the MAP BORDER layer in your map (entities on this layer determine the extents on your map).

    For the grid, the easiest workaround is to just click the "select points" button in the dialog instead of Apply, as this lets you manually set the location of the grid. Make sure Snap is on so you hit the lower left corner precisely.

    You'll want to check the MAP BORDER layer for entities though, as wrong entities here may also act as an edge for drawing tools. Normally, this layer should only have a few lines that determine the edge of the map.



  • Good catch. I have an Ice texture background (from Cosmo) that's still the old dimensions and 4 green lines I had to Node Edit down. New grid is the correct size! Thanks for the help!

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