"Quasimodo" and "Worn Manuscript" fonts missing ?


I purchased the bundle with CC3+, CD3, DD3 (in alphabetical order 😉) and I understand it is supposed to come with the Jon Roberts' Annual style from an annual.

When I load the example, it seems the true type font for the style is missing :

Looking at the PNG beside, I guess this what is supped to look like :

At first I though it could be because I had installed the viewer + printer (which turned out to be only for the original CC3, not working with CC3+), so then I had uninstalled those), then I though "hey maybe that removal proccess removed too much", so I lunched CC3+, CD3 and DD3 again to do a "repair". No dice, still no font.

Oooups, I though the font was "Quasimodo" as it was mentioned in the "Annual Mapping Guide" that came with the style ...

...but it seems it is "Worn Manuscript"...

... but none the less, I can't find any of those two fonts installed on my computer

Could it be that the fonts are missing from the installation package ? Are any other who purchased the 3 tools bundle and are in this situation ?

Thanks !


  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 8 images Mapmaker Administrator

    I am guessing the Quasimodo is a mistake in the guide, as that isn't the font used in the examples. My guess is that it was the first font Ralf tried, but then found worn Manuscript to be better.

    Seems like an oversight that this font isn't included int he installer though. The easiest way to fix this is just to grab the Free Annual sampler. It includes the Jon Roberts style, including the missing font, among other stuff.

  • Thanks Monsen. I'm downloading it right now, didn't know such thing exists, it must have a lot of content, I see it's more than a Gigabytes.

    I found another post referring to the other "Worn Manuscript" font being available on "dafont" website. I downloaded it directly but it seems it won't work for me as it has not the basic french characters I need (é, è, à, ù, ô...). Fortunately, other font included with CC3 have them so I've picked another one.

    Thanks for the pointer though, really appreciated ! 😁

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