Live Stream: Ancient Tombs Annual

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This is a link to a live stream by Ralf Schemmann on 10th September 2020, covering the making of a map in the Ancient Tombs style, created by Joachim de Ravenbel, and published in the 2019 Cartographer's Annual.

Highlights include sorting out issues with things ending up on the MAP BORDER layer when they shouldn't, using a floor mask and editing symbols with text built into them.

There was a question on the live stream near the end that never got answered:

Nilrem's Channel​: "When Ralf changes the default settings (e.g. the wall poly) are those changes unique to the specific map or are they global changes. i.e. if you make a new map those changes will still be in place)."

Changes to the default settings of a drawing tool will revert to the saved settings next time the drawing tool is selected unless you save the drawing tool before you click ok to use it in the drawing. Saving the modified tool is only recommended when there is a problem with that tool that you are correcting. If you are just creating a variant of the tool it is best to create a new version of it by picking the tool you want to adjust and then clicking New.

Nilrem's Channel - If this does not answer the question and you happen to see this post, please let me know below or send me a PM. Thanks.



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    Thanks Sue, I'll watch this tonight. :)

    I'm looking forward to it, but a bit gutted that I missed the livestream as I'm planning to watch them live from now on - at least while I'm working from home.

    Does anyone know what is the best way setup YouTube notifications of upcoming streams? I managed to have a reminder set up for the cliffs livestream last week, but I'm not sure how to set one up for all Profantasy livestreams.

    **Actually, ignore the above, I might have sorted it out - I've clicked the notification bell next to the subscribe / subscribed button. Hopefully that'll stop me missing the next one. :)

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    As long as you click the bell icon next to the subscribe button, you should get notifications from YouTube. You'll need to allow youtube to send you emails though, you can configure that bt clicking at the bell in the top right, and then the settings icon in the popup.

  • Thank you Remy, I'd have missed that part. 🙂

    I've turned it all on, and also just gone through turning off notifications from all the subscribed channels that I don't want notifications from. lol.

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