PNG Export sometimes duplicates a couple lines?

I'm running into this and pretty sure I saw an article or discussion about it, but can't find it now. Anyone know the link or how to fix it? I noticed altering the pixel dimensions helped but didn't eliminate it. Lucjlily at insanely high resolutions it's easier to use the Phtoshop healing brush. Still, would be nice if there's a way to eliminate it. Thanks!

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    Oh, I see it now. And its something I remember mentioning a very very long time ago when I was trying to get a rendered map that was about 10,000 px square done - only I didn't realise it was actually a repeated line. I just called it an 'artefact', I think.

    I don't know how you stop it, but the thing that helped me back then quite a lot was increasing the depth of the passes CC3 does as it scans across the map from side to side during rendering. There are fewer of these artefacts then, and if you are lucky and don't go too massive you can do the whole map in a single pass.

    EXPORTSETMPPP asks for and adjusts the Maximum Pixels Per Pass. Type it on your keyboard and hit Enter. Check the Command Line Prompt. It will tell you 4000000 (4 million). Type 40000000 (40 million), and hit Enter, then try rendering again.



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    Have you used EXPORTSETMPPP ?

    I'm also a bit mystified by what you mean when you say duplicated lines. I've not seen that one myself before. Have you got a screen shot?

  • Have not used exportsetmpp so it's using the default. Here's some examples

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