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Hi every one !

I don't know why I took so long to post a map but here is one of the home brew world I play in


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    Here it is Opened Up !

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    I would separate out the darkest sea contour on it's own sheet here (with the appropriat eeffects). You may notice that it doesn't blend with the next level like the medium one does. This is because edge fade only considers the edges of the total content on a sheet, not each individual entity.

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    Thank You Remy ! I had looked at that before and did not understand why it happened that way. Thanks again !

  • Changed the Darkest sea contour and added edge fade and Blur

  • You have left the label for the Selen Kingdom off the main map - is that deliberate?

  • Oops no

    I didn’t look before saving as png.

    will go turn that off ASAP.

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  • New Area Map of a Barony - New style for me all together - Worlds of Wonder 2 from Jan 2019 -

    I feel something is not right / off a bit

    suggestions and criticism welcome - make me a better mapper please !

  • It is basically a good map, though you are missing a scale bar.

    The one thing that may need a bit of tweaking is the placement of trees. What is the map telling us? I get the message that this is either dense jungle and covered all over by trees that are represented by the spaced out single trees, or that there are remarkably even copses of trees, each symbolised by a single tree. Since I don't know the scale I can't be sure which of these may be true.

    If your area is only partly wooded (for example a forest that has been eaten into by agriculture, or which has large clearings of grassland) it may be communicated more effectively by creating clumps of trees as wooded areas.

    Take a look at other maps and the way that other people have shown forest and jungle. If you think a different method might portray your area better, it may be time to reconsider the tree placement.

  • Oh ... thank you very much

    I will look for more maps using single trees to show full forests.

  • You could use the map divisions as your scale, though as the map's rectangular, you'd need to pick the one that works best only for that, and just add a note on the outside edge of the map border to say what the scale is. Adding a scale bar - it's easy enough to draw your own if the symbol option for the style doesn't appeal, for instance - might be a better alternative here though.

    Are the different land colours intended to show approximate contour levels? Or are they for vegetation background effect? If the former, maybe think of adding a height key. If the latter, then I'd agree with Sue that the trees may need adjusting, as they seem too sparsely scattered for clarity otherwise.

  • Removed the trees and land colors - I think I like it that way -

    Any one in this region would know it was heavily wooded ... but now I'm not sure.

    Also my roads should have been more dash dash dash like .. I'm going back to look at the settings on that.

    I think my build colors are needing a change as well.

    Still looking for maps with the style of forests that will work, here is what it looks like at the moment.

  • I definitely would put trees in, but as Sue said, clump them a little more, and especially where the forest is supposed to be denser.

  • Where is this barony on your main map? That might give us a better idea of what to suggest regarding the vegetation cover shown on it.

    If the whole area of the map is heavily wooded, you may be right to suggest you don't really need trees on it at all, but if there are notable clearings, or areas of more open woods, some means of indicating where those are would be necessary. Plus I think you may have taken away the marshy area southeast of Loch Lomond along with the trees, and the other green background colours.

    If you need help adjusting the parameters for your road lines, Remy Monsen's live mapping session Modern Streets with SS3 showed how to do this, starting at about 32 minutes in.

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  • Have made some progress on my barony with the issue of the whole area being forested and still seeing the roads and other symbols.

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