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I've read and re-read Monsen's explanation of 'change like' and inserting a different style into an existing map.

New Style:

Open a new map with the wanted new style. Save it, etc.

Open original map and use 'insert file'. I can see the border of the new map floating on cursor. At this point I am to hit 'esc' and the new style tools are supposed to import in. Unfortunately, either I am misunderstanding or something isn't working as nothing happens--the chosen style tools do not load in.

Draw Like:

Originally using midgard world, I decided, naahh, just go with the par lindstrom BW for clarity.

Right click on change properties and call up the Draw Like command. Right click to pull up the style options. I choose PL BW and go to change my jungle fill only to find it isn't available. I cycle thru a few of my favorites Schley, Fenlon only to be informed that the terrain I chose (in this case, jungle or forest fill) cannot be used. When I chose parchment, the tree fill became a black ink blob.

Two things occur to me: I'm trying to change a bitmap with a fill that isn't a bitmap? Or, I've got a bad install of CC3+. I recently upgraded machines and did the downloads anew and ran as admin. But I've had issues with downloading before (Ralf had to assist me on that one a couple of years ago, if memory serves).

So, any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)


PS: to add urgency, I need this map for my game on Wednesday...help!😲


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    The Insert File procedure doesn't "load in the style tools", it imports the bitmap files required for the drawing tools of the new style to work at all. If you go to the drawing tools dialog and switch that to a different style before doing the importing, you'll notice that most of the tools looks weird, they will all be shown using the currently active bitmap fill instead of the expected ones. Once you do the insert file, these should then switch to showing correctly (as long as you inserted a map of the correct style).

    If you get the error message that the selected tool cannot be applied to entities when trying change like draw tool, it means that the new tool is a macro drawing tool. A macro drawing tool isn't just a list of properties, and cannot be used to change another entity, they need to be drawn from scratch. For example, the forest tools in the Schley style draws an area, and the fills it with actual tree symbols, it isn't a plain bitmap fill.

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    Thanks, man. I'll have to experiment on these.

    Quick question, sir. I seem to recall a vid or tutorial on symbol filling somewhere. I can't find it. heh. Basically, I want to draw a smooth poly and fill the entire thing with, in this case, trees. The parameters of the symbol fill dialogue, however, elude me. The trees are just bunched along the inner line of the poly. Mind pointing me in correct direction please?



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    I think I found it!



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