Does anyone have a Cosmographer sector importer .cfg file that approximates mongoose traveller2 styl

I have my own traveller data, but my gaming group is using the mongoose ruleset for traveller.

I would like to make my maps consistent with the current version of the traveller rules.

Are there any resources or perhaps updated versions of the importer?


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    I suspect that an add-on that produced this format of map would be a major project that would require the official cooperation of both companies since copyrighted images and trademarks are involved. This is unlikely to happen unless the effort can be proven profitable for everyone involved. Sorry, but as nice as it would be that is the reality of the situation. (As one Dalton to another. 😉)



  • I believe that the Cosmographer sector importer uses the data at And that travellermap has all of the mapping for all the different Traveller periods.

  • I am using my own data, not the traveller 3i universe. I am looking to make maps that are consistent with the current look/style of the current traveller rules.

    Is there an updated version of the config file or importer?

  • In FT3 I use the File menu -> Export World -> Cosmographer template. The export is a CC3 map with png. Place at the top says 'World Name' and at the bottom for UWP.

    I think this is for earlier Traveller though, CT. So i don't know if that will help you. I have used that method to make over 1800 worlds for my Traveller and GURPS Space web sites. Total worlds that is, the GURPS site has less than 20 worlds.

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    I think there is definition for the input format that the importer uses. An e-mail to the owner of Travellermap may get you that format.


    From Travellermap:

    Important Links

    This site was created by Joshua Bell. You are welcome to send email with any comments, suggestions, bug reports, praise, or offers of help to

    Author, source, and publisher information for all sectors can be found on the Credits page.

    For details about submitting your sectors, see the Submissions page.

    Substantial changes to the site, data and APIs are announced and discussed at the Traveller Map Blog. Changes to the code can be found by looking at the commits on GitHub, or following the @TravellerMap Twitter feed.

    A "Wish List", including known issues, can be found on the Trello Wish

  • I am not trying to use the traveller map, I am trying to use profantasy. I have used the traveller map to generate what I want, except I can not edit it afterwards. The traveller map generates JPG, PNG or SVG output which is not as useful as the mapping software which is profantasy.

    I can get profantasy to generate an old school/old look traveller map but that style and look is not used with the current version of traveller. I am looking to get cosmographer to generate the new style look, but it appears that it cannot.

    Thanks for trying guys. I will try using inkscape instead of profantasy.

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    @DaltonCalford - You can make your own mapping style with relevant fills and symbols if you have them available to you.  CC3 imports and uses regular png files, so If you have the fills and symbols it's relatively easy.
  • Hi Loopysue, I understand, the issue is the whole look/feel of the new style is different. ie, world placement is no longer in the centre of the hexagon, it is in the lower-left of the hexagon - the UPP is not placed, the hex numbers only occur in hexes with worlds, the location of the starport symbol, along with the placement of the symbols for gas-giants and belts all are different etc.,

    It is not just a matter of what symbols to be used - I was hoping that someone who is better at CC3 and cosmographer would have dealt with this since the new release has been out for a few years. Even an updated config file for the colour mappings would be nice. But, as it currently looks, I will have to recreate the templates from scratch, recreate the import macros from scratch, just in order to continue to use cosmographer for Traveller.

    It's a shame, but, it appears that cosmographer is no longer useful for anyone who is using the current in-print version of Traveller and who wants to use the current space mapping styles.

  • To place planet symbol in the templates for Cosmographer in the lower left, just click snap off.

    I checked via one of my Cosmographer maps.

    CosA_Planets_Traveller,fsc has vari-color planets

    CosA_Stars_Traveller has vari-color stars.

    These are under Symbols\Cosmographer\COS Bitmap A

    I use Classic Traveller, so I hope this is helpful.

  • Dalton, I think I have not been clear. You have star data, if you put your data in Travellermap's format then the Cosmographer importer can read it and can build you a map that is then editable by you. You may need Joshua's help because as I remember the importer only goes to travellermap for data. I believe that there is a way to point the importer to different sets of data.

  • Yes, I understood your answer, but, I don't think you understood my situation, I want to be able to be able to closely match the new format. Unfortunately, traveller map only supports vector style output on their mongoose style maps. In addition, the SVG map output is not fully complient with the current SVG standard so depending upon your editor (inkscape in my case) it looks horrible.

    So, if I use the traveller map, I get static images, where I either manually edit every system to put in bitmap style world images, or I write my own SVG generators, which is what I am doing since cosmographer doesn't support the new style. I was hoping that someone had an updated config file and the source code, but, unfortunately, it appears that the reliance upon the traveller map had had further development of cosmographer stagnate.

    I wish that there was a way to directly open SVG files with cc3, as I have yet to find a good SVG to DXF converter.

  • What about the one suggested by Ralf in the Watabou annual, which is what I use all the time.

  • I have tried a few, but that is one I will need to test. Thanks for the headsup on it.

    I really want to be able to have the power of CC3 without having to build 9 sector maps from scratch or recreate the wheeel.

  • Nope, same issue. The svg export from traveller map does not match the proper standard, so you get something that looks like this

    The above was a direct export of svg from the traveller map, converted to dxf and loaded to CC3+

    This is the same svg loaded into gimp

    Inkscape is in the same boat - dealing with bad svg code.

    About the only thing that does work is the png export, but, that in turn means that I get static images out and cannot quickly/easily update my personal maps.

    I was hoping that cosmographer had been updated by someone, either profantasy or by another end user. Unfortunately, I am not skilled enough to create a template or I would do it myself.

    In case anyone wants to know what a current Traveller map looks like, here is a subsector map

    and a sector map

    Anyways, thanks for your help guys.

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