My first overworld map! :)

My friend and I decided to create Ethora, a world wherein we can both DM solo campaigns for each other. This is where I'm starting my friend off, the Lornes Peninsula.

I must say that I'm really digging this software and especially the helpful, welcoming community. I've been lurking for a few weeks now, but I just bought CC3+ (with DD3/CD3) and joined the forum yesterday to get more involved. I also watched my first Live Mapping yesterday. In fact, watching Ralf work his magic is why I decided to give it a shot today on my day off. I've learned a lot from Sue and Ralf from both the forum and the videos (also, beautiful work on the new annual, Sue!). THANKS, GUYS!

This map took about three hours in total, but I am very, VERY pleased with it's outcome. CC3+ made my idea of the realm look FAR better than I could have ever imagined!

Hopefully, I will see you all around the forum! ☺️




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